Breathe In, Breathe Out: The First Steps To Being Present & Mindful

Our lives are on fast forward. Look around and you’ll find never-ending examples of how technology has sped our lives up, made it more efficient. We are ordering meals from our phones, using voice-activated home assistants to simplify our domestic lives, skipping lengthy introductions of binge-worthy series. We have become acclimated to the fast life, the efficient life. Our lives are hurtling at such high speeds that we literally need to take time out of our busy days, to get a break.  It’s no wonder that “mindfulness” and “meditation” are the buzzwords du jour these days amongst millenials.

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New Year, Even Better You: Audiobooks To Absolutely Own 2019

Honestly, I've never been the type to set resolutions for the upcoming year, fully owning the fact that they would be broken a week in (if I'm lucky!). I've tried leading a healthier life, tried being more mindful and tried practicing self-care. But with the roundup of new how-to's and guides now available on Playster, maybe 2019 is the year that resolutions actually stick. Here are newly released audiobook titles to help you own the upcoming year! 

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The Most Festive Audiobooks For The Holidays

The Holidays are in full swing, and if you’re like me, the excitement once felt for the holidays a few weeks ago, is quickly morphing into exhaustion. I love The Holidays and everything they represent, but sometimes, all I need is a break from the hubbub of the season - you know? What better way to escape from the frenzy of The Holidays than curling up by the fire with an audiobook. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas classic, a festive love story, or interested in learning about other holidays, here are five audiobooks for this season.

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December's Featured Picks: What's New on Playster

Did you know that December is Read A New Book Month? Here are just four of the latest releases you can expect from Playster this December. Escape the hubub of the season, cozy up with these December releases and end the year on a perfect note.

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Which Disney movies are being remade in 2019?

These days, it seems like live-action remakes of classic animated films are all the rage. Studios are placing their bets on famous voices and banking on nostalgia to fill theatre seats. Find out if your favourite Walt Disney classic is being remade in 2019.

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